Eating of Meat and Beef in the Hindu Tradition

 By David Frawley (Pt. Vamadeva Shastri) India’s Traditions of Non-violence and Vegetarianism The Buddha states in the Dhammapada 26.409, “Him I call a Brahmana who lays aside the rod, who neither kills nor causes the death of creatures, moving or non-moving (animals or plants).” The same type of statements are very common in Hindu literature […]

Eggs are not vegetarian!

Sound familiar? You go to a restaurant and ask for a Vegetarian option, but get something full of egg. I’ve been on the receiving end several times. My experience last week was particularly annoying. At a Chinese Buffet, all of the “Vegetarian” noodle or rice dishes were full of egg, and I could hardly eat […]

Hinduism & the Holy Cow

Related articles: Eating of meat & beef in the Hindu tradition Lay off meat eating Hindus One of the most common questions about Hinduism is “Why do Hindus worship cows?” Be it eight-year-old kids or schoolteachers, there is a fascination with Hinduism and the holy cow. Sometimes the question is asked in a mocking tone, […]