Eggs are not vegetarian!


Sound familiar? You go to a restaurant and ask for a Vegetarian option, but get something full of egg. I’ve been on the receiving end several times. My experience last week was particularly annoying. At a Chinese Buffet, all of the “Vegetarian” noodle or rice dishes were full of egg, and I could hardly eat anything on the entire buffet!

The Vegetarian Society accepts egg to be vegetarian, according to their adopted definition. This makes it difficult for people who want to avoid egg, because the Vegetarian Society’s endorsement is no different for something with or without egg.

Is this correct? To me this has always militated against common sense. If you want to eat egg, go ahead and do so, but why label it vegetarian when it clearly isn’t? In reply, I have been told that eating egg is no less vegetarian than drinking milk or eating cheese. But don’t they understand? The egg has a fundamentally different purpose and role in the life cycle of a creature compared with milk – the egg actually becomes the chicken! Sorry, the comparison between egg and milk is weak.

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  1. Generally, the eggs sold in the market are ‘unfertilized’, hence they will not develop into a chicken…


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