What enlightenment may be like / Goddess Chinnamasta

I’ve often wondered what “enlightenment” would be like. My idea has evolved over time, and may continue to do so.

This striking image, encapsulates what I currently feel enlightment may be like.

It is a somewhat shocking image of the state of moving into an enlightened state of consciousness beyond the mind/body complex.
Experiencing the truth of our self-nature beyond the mind body complex is frightening at first because it feels like losing one’s individuality (symbolised by the severing of the head).
Obviously losing of individuality is one of the most frightening things from the vantage point of normal human consciousnesses. Yet Her face is portrayed as happy because the experience of disassociating consciousness from the mind is joyous & liberating. The headless state is our true reality as a conscious entity – and the limitation of our consciousness to the body is a lesser reality if not an illusion.
She is depicted as being stood on top of a couple making love because in the illumined state of consciousness the feeling of wholeness and bliss that are glimpsed in love becomes permanent. Normally we are always needing another to feel whole, but really what we are seeking is a state where there is no more feeling of incompleteness, nothing missing – and really that joy is our true self-nature.
(The image is of a Tantric Goddess “Chinnamasta”, one of the Mahavidyas or Great Wisdom Goddesses).


  1. Obviously I can’t speak to what enlightenment is like, but I can confirm the experience of ego death can be existentially terrifying and many say that’s a necessary step on the path to enlightenment.

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