Bagalamukhi – The Great Stabiliser and Restorer of Order

The legend goes that Lord Vishnu called upon the Supreme Goddess Rajarajeshwari to bring under control a cataclysmic storm that would destroy the world. As well as the storm, all the celestials were behaving bizarrely – consumed with violence and aggression – that threatened the cosmic order.

 The Goddess took the form of Bagalamukhi – which means “The One whose face has the power to rein in”. Of breathtaking beauty, Bagalamukhi was clad in golden ornaments, yellow clothes and a garland of yellow flowers and appeared in an ocean of turmeric.

Bagalamukhi did a dance and Lord Vishnu watched. After the dance was finished, Lord Vishnu looked up and the storm had stopped! Furthermore, all the celestials had started to behave properly again within their proper boundaries. The Cosmic Order was restored, and it was all done in a way that could not even be noticed!

On a more personal note – the role of Bagalamukhi as the restorer of order amidst chaos is a blessing that I have experienced powerfully in my life. At a certain critical juncture in my life when my life hung in the balance I started devotional practices to Her, asking for help. I was enveloped in legal and financial problems that I could not escape from nor see any end to. I started to call on her for help in the darkest night of my soul. Even though I was initially focused on my problems as solely being external to myself as I deepened my practices, Her bright yellow light cleansed and illumined my psyche and her mace smashed my many misconceptions. I surrendered to this sometimes painful process. It wasn’t long before I was a totally different person. perhaps the person I really was before took a couple of wrong turns in my life. I realised that the external problems were manifestations of errors in my inner being. While I became more focused on my inner self I became less troubled by the external crises in my life. One day I looked up and the myriad of external problems I had subsided in a way that I could not have believed possible & hope, prosperity and love had returned to my devastated home.


  1. KVSH Rao says:

    For a strong devotee of Gayathri maa, will it not be a deviation to worship Maa Bagalamukhi?
    Please clarify.

    • I am still at a relatively early stage in Sadhana… I cannot talk as an expert. Please bare that in mind as I share some thoughts – I am not proclaiming myself as any sort of authority.

      All forms of Shakti (the Goddess Power) are ultimately one though they may seem various (as per the Devi Mahatmyam). Deities are like different faces of a diamond with a many faces in which every face can leads to the whole. Yet unless you focus in with great energy on one face in the early to middle parts of your Sadhana it is hard to progress. The form of the Divine you are devoted to is capable of bestowing all gifts.

      In my understanding – Bagalamukhi and Gayatri Mata are very similar. They are both latent energy an power of consciousness to illumine and restore – although both Goddesses have a slightly different emphasis.

      If you are drawn to worship Bagalamukhi or have a very specific problem to solve that you feel worshipping Bagalamukhi may help with – do so on the understanding that she is a form of Gayatri. Otherwise I think it is generally best to primarily worship your Ishta Devata.

      Jai Ma !

  2. If I was experiencing disharmony between the inner and outer as legal and financial problems I’d probably think what I needed was less order and greater capacity to embrace chaos and uncertainty.
    My Ishta Devata is Kali.

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