In search for scientific proof of reincarnation: Dr Ian Stevenson (1918-2007)

From the time in our childhood when we first learn about death, that most unsettling truth of life, the question and curiosity of the afterlife arises; what has happened to the person who has died? Does anything of that person survive in one form or another? A lot of people believe the truth to be […]

Mantra: what it is & what it does

If we observe ourselves we can see that all day long there is background chatter in the mind. It may be the repetition of some song we have heard on the radio, it may be a rehashing of some experience we have just had, an insult or argument for example, or a consideration of what […]

Science now supporting Astrology?!

The idea that the time of year at which your birth takes places has a long-lasting effect on your health and personality is quite a popular belief throughout the world. It forms the basis of star-signs, horoscopes and other branches of astrology, which some people see as a bit of fun, but others take quite […]