Commentary / explanation of Hanuman Chalisa verses 37 & 38

Aur devta chitt na dharaiHanumant sai sarva such karaiEven if other Devatas (celestial beings) do not take heed, through Hanuman one can gain all wellbeing and happiness Sankat kate mitey sab peeraJo sumirei Hanumant balbeeraWhoever invokes Sri Hanuman, the mighty Deva, his distress is removed and all pains vanish. Hanuman Chalisa, versus 37 & 38 […]

Mantra: what it is & what it does

If we observe ourselves we can see that all day long there is background chatter in the mind. It may be the repetition of some song we have heard on the radio, it may be a rehashing of some experience we have just had, an insult or argument for example, or a consideration of what […]