Muzzafarnagar Riots – the truth that the media is hiding

The way in which the English language media has been reporting the Muzzarnagar riots has been taking the art of misleading the public to a whole new level of shamelessness. The average Indian will not know the facts behind the riots, and we have the right to know the truth. Please read the articles (at […]

Petition: The Law should not be circumvented for Sanjay Dutt

Please sign this petition and help spread it (click here) Sanjay Dutt is one of India’s best and most distinguished actors. However this should in no way influence the way in which he has to face justice for a serious crime he has committed. There cannot be a system in India where the privileged can […]

Science now supporting Astrology?!

The idea that the time of year at which your birth takes places has a long-lasting effect on your health and personality is quite a popular belief throughout the world. It forms the basis of star-signs, horoscopes and other branches of astrology, which some people see as a bit of fun, but others take quite […]