Muzzafarnagar Riots – the truth that the media is hiding

riotsThe way in which the English language media has been reporting the Muzzarnagar riots has been taking the art of misleading the public to a whole new level of shamelessness. The average Indian will not know the facts behind the riots, and we have the right to know the truth.

Please read the articles (at the following two links) and spread them far and wide so that the truth can be known:

The articles bring out the fact that there is an increasing tendency for the police in many areas (especially when the Samajwadi Party or the Congress are in power in the state) to refuse to take any sort of action against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour if the aggressors are Muslim. This is partly due to the fear of making the arrests in a Muslim dominated area, but more than this it is because the police fear the wrath of their political masters, who do not want to upset their carefully cultivated vote bank. Honest police officers risk the humiliation of being transferred, suspended or even prosecuted for simply trying to uphold the law.

Even though I don’t wish to condone any indiscriminate counter-violence by Hindus, the fact is that the largest factor which has caused the riots is exasperation at the refusal of the State machinery to intervene against anti-social elements in the Muslim community, either due to callousness, cowardice or communal vote-bank politics masquerading as secularism.


  1. Pushpendra Rana says:

    the truth is much worse. in any incident involving muslim, administration never take any action against them. moreover they lodged cases against the sufferers to pressurise them. hundreds of riots occured in last one decade in sp and bsp rule in which perpetrators are only muslims by backing from ruling parties. hindus doesn’t even retaliate, if they do in some incidents then they are persecuted nd nobody came to their rescue. in this case also hindus vent their anger by participating in a mahapanchayat, which they always do as they dont have any other option, administration was so insensitive in this case that after so much public support to two mahapanchayats, they even didn’t give any false assurance that they would do impartial enquiry. it was after the mahapanchayat that the people who were returning were attacked without any provocation nd were killed in very brutal manner. after this only, hindus retaliate, this is because rural hindus r more militant, urban hindus doesnt even retaliate to any provocation.

    national media doesnt even know about anything, they didnt say anything abt the persecution of hindus for many years as they dont know anything abt the ground knowledge. now after the issue becomes big then they give coverage nd blindly follows what the administration tells them. to save their face administration puts its blame on mahapanchayat nd bjp leaders nd national media blindly accepted it. they dont realise that it was the attack on the people coming from mahapanchayat that started the riot. this is a classic case where main perpetrators i.e the govt nd SP are given clean cheat by the national media nd others are demonised without any reason. when the muslims attacked the hindus in presence of police they refused to take any step due to fear of punishment by govt. such is a fear among officials in UP right from secretaries to a constable that no one wants to act against any muslim.
    u should check the records of communal incidents occured in the state in last one decade. almost all the incidents r one sided in which only muslims r involved nd there is not a single incident in which forget any punishment even action has not most cases police doesnt even file any report. last one year is so worse in muslim appeasement that even supply of electricity is determined by communal lines.azam khan is the most powerful man, due to excessive love for azam khan nd muslim, mulayam has ignored his many big leaders nd many wants to join bjp. even those leaders who were never in bjp wants to join it. even among sp workers there is anger abt the excessive love for muslims bcoz people r very angry. in western UP no one can put SP flag on his vehicle. even after this, national media rant about the so called anger of muslims against SP. in their eyes the sufferers of any riots r muslims. this needs to be change.

    • brother how myopic nd biased r indian hindus like u.every time u commit shit nd put blame on the minority.if u hav sum brain u give it a thought as to who started the riots this time.even if a girl is raped there is no place for death sentence in indian demoncrazy,nd i guess the muslim guy was the first to be killed this time for allegedly misbehaving with a girl,was that justified. oh i forgot that in indian demoncrazy anybody belonging 2 minority community can face execution even on basis of mere false allegations without any evidence(afzal guru) nd terrorists like modi(declared so by uk,us nd many more and denied visa to same countries) r pm candidates,no wonder only a terrorist can represent a terrorist majority

      • Syed Bhai,
        Bjp & Hindus are never anti Muslims in any way.All we want is every person who lives in India has to live as an true Indian and not unlike many people who celebrate when pak beats India in sports and that too earning livelihood from India they cant do any thing against India.First try to be positive and think what Narendra modi is capable of transforming India in to real world class country. Just give him one chance and see the results.

      • Pushpendra Rana says:

        hindus didnt started riot on this issue. they merely demanded the punishment for the killers but instead of taking any action against the killers the police implicated the relatives of the boys who were not even present at the time in the village, to pressurise them. this agitated the hindu community as there was an anger already among hindus about the step motherly treatment. due to which, as a routine affair they organise a panchayat to pressurise the govt to make an impartial enquiry. in most of these cases, after seeing public support, the administration normally makes false promises of impartial enquiry nd the whole issue dies down,as the hindus vented their anger out. But surprisingly in this case the administration remains adamant nd tried to ban the panchayat, however they didnot succeded in it because of the large public support to it. in that panchyat hindus give another 7 days to make impartial investigation. during this period the administration did nothing to assuage the feelings nd it allowed the muslim rally to happen where the DM and SP were themselves present although sec 144 was imposed there. after seven days mahapanchayat was organised in which a recored number of people were present who were extremely angry.even after all this administrations attitude toward hindus remain pathetic. even after all this the hindus didnot started the riots . it was when the people were returning from mahapanchayat the muslims attacked them at various places and brutally killed many people. in one such incident in jauli village near ganges canal, several hindus were killed brutally using automatic weapons and were dumped in the nearby canal.this happened in front of police nd pac but they refused to take any action due to fear of punishment. more than 20 tractors were burnt nd dumped in the canal. admin says only 4 persons were killed in that massacre. but the eyewitnesses say that there were many more, as about 250 persons r missing till now nd everyday local villagers r extracting bodies nd tractors from the canal. from my own village 4 youths r killed but the administration refused to count them in riots figures nd told that they killed in an accident.

      • It was not the rapist who was killed first,the girls two brothers were hacked to death for confronting the rapist.The video was on face book.And why does the so called Minority need AK 47’s in Madrassa’s! oh Hindu;s are terrorist with sticks and knives, poor Muslims are just with AK 47 supplied by their secular religious leaders.Stop your lie spell, we will save our Mother land from these brats for sure.
        You are right the so called secular Hindu’s have to think about who and what they are supporting. By the by I think you are not aware of the Supreme court judgement saying Modi is clean and also the UK Government inviting him to speak in UK Parliament.

  2. It is not only in this State but all the Non BJP States, such humiliations are unabated. Even the Government services, fault of Muslim but punishment to Hindu. Yes we should all agree that Hindu is a HOLY cow and very one MILCH it, at their will.We never respond and tolerate every thing, that level becomes the tolerable limit. Then criminal instigate with more deterrent initiative, and keep the HOLY cow always under suppression. It is the ruling system of all parties.

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