Commentary / explanation of Hanuman Chalisa verses 31 & 32

Charo juga pratap tumhara

Hai parsiddhi jagat ujiyara

Your glory is spread over four yugas and your effulgence is known throughout the world.

Sadhu sant ke tum rakhvare

Asur nikandan Ram dulare

You are the protector of the sages and the saints and the destroyer of demons. Sri Rama has great affection for you.

Hanuman Chalisa, verses 31 & 32

“Your lustre spreads across the four yugas (great cosmic cycles) / Your effulgence is known throughout the world

The 4 yugas are a common concept in Hindu cosmology and astronomy – they are as follows: Satya Yuga – Age of Truth, Treta Yuga – The Second Age, Dwapara Yuga – The Third Age, Kali Yuga (the Dark Age).

What we decide to do with our life, the energy that we pour forth as oblations into the fire of life reverberates through eternity. So Hanuman’s actions, as one of the most noble and remarkable beings to ever have lived, are a source of inspiration and light through all the Ages. Furthermore, Hanuman is the greatest of yogis, who has attained states where time and space cease to exist. His influence and grace can cut through time and space. He can always be accessed.

Hanuman also epitomises and embodies Prana (life force) when it is purely dedicated to the service of the Divine. Whenever a person surrenders purely to the Divine, giving up their strivings for their own desires, there Hanuman manifests.

“You are the protector of the sages and the saints and the destroyer of demons, and doing so Rama has the utmost affection for you.”

Sadhus are spiritual aspirants and adepts who have renounced worldly possessions and duties. Sants are those spiritual persons who continue with the duties of a householder while in the pursuit of the spiritual life.  Such persons are those who raise others up, whose hearts melt with compassion seeing the suffering of others, and who help take away the flaws of others and instill positivity in them.

Asuras (demonic persons) are this who bring the good down. They strive for their own ego driven desires, and bring the level of consciousness of those around them down away from the Divine. 

Genuine spiritual persons are said to be protected by Hanuman. He commands the conscious immanent forces in nature that protect those who are trying to make a difference. In actual fact we all have a higher side and a lower Asuric side in our being. Invoking Hanuman helps to subdue our negative nature and help protect our positive, so that we can align with the evolutionary and upward force of consciousness rather than the downward pull of the Titan.

Through this action, Hanuman is the caretaker of the Divine Consciousness represented by Rama, helping the bringing forth of higher consciousness in life, and he is always has the utmost affection and grace of the Rama for protecting those who are aligning with him.

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