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Author: Venkat Viswabrahma


It was at the moment before Sunrise;
Goddess Parvati, the Mother of the universe had
Taken Her bath in the nectar pool of Golden light and
Came out with the brilliance of thousand rising suns
Dripping light from all Her glistening golden limbs!
Although, She wore the lustrous robe of roseate dawn
It couldn’t hide the charm of Her most beautiful limbs
And revealed the splendor of Her refulgent golden body
She was of the form of stunning art of the great wisdom!
Divine child Ganesha, the embodiment of the Sky
Who was wandering outside, then saw his Mother
Coming out from Her bath chamber, and he ran
Towards Her to tell that he was hungry !
Behold, what happened to Child Ganesha,
When he looked at the Divine Mother’s face
She was blazing with the flames of myriad Suns,
On seeing the Mother he was suddenly paralyzed:
His mouth, his eyes, and all his senses stupefied!
Looking at the condition of Ganesha, the Mother
Assumed a golden form of the Goddess of beauty
And Her golden face shone like the full moon.
Her eyes were like the petals of the golden lotus
Shining with pure dew of love and pity on Her Son,
And Her breasts swelled with motherly love, at once
Two golden streams of Her nectar, the milk flowed
From Her breasts to enliven Her beloved child!
As Ganesha, who gained consciousness
Drank Her milk, he was bestowed upon
With the divine wisdom and heroic strength
And also the power of divine poesy!
Sri Ganesha of all accomplishments praised
The Divine Mother: O Mother of the universe!
You have the fierce energy to burn the entire universe,
You’re the most beautiful Goddess with splendor of gold
Your face has the magical power to stun the three worlds!
As You have paralyzed me, O Charming Mother Goddess,
The sages would like to call You, Bagala ( The Restrainer)
But You are Mother Valga, the Goddess of golden light
With a flow of the golden nectar! O Goddess of the welfare,
Whose complexion is of pure gold, and Who is wearing
Yellow robes and golden flowers, and adorned with gold
Ornaments studded with glittering jewels and diamonds,
I pray Thee, O Mother of universe, to save the world
From all dangers and to stop destruction caused by demons
And to stop the warlocks who invent weapons of destruction,
Just as You gave me the golden nectar so also bestow
The nectar of divine knowledge upon Your true devotees
When they fell in a pit of ignorance, and them You
Protect from dangers and from the enemies!
Mother Parvati who assumed the form of Goddess Valga,
Or Bagala, very much pleased by the prayer of Ganesha.
And spoke thus: ” Be it so, My son, I’ll grant your wishes.
I would paralyze the enemies of the world and I will destroy
Their dreadful weapons, and I do not tolerate lies and abuse
Of words by any person and I will be always on the side of
My devotees who are truthful and righteous, that’s my Vow!”
-then,the Goddess remained silent with a golden smile!


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