The Hanuman Chalisa


Shree guru charansaroj raj, nij man mukur sudhari
Barnau raghubar bimal jasu, jo dayak phal chari

Having cleansed the mirror of my soul with dust of the guru’s lotus feet, I first clean the mirror of my heart and then I narrate the sacred glory of the supreme among the Raghus. He is the giver of the four-fold attainments of life.

Buddhi heen tanu janike sumirow Pavan Kumar
Bal buddhi vidya dehu, harahu kalesh vicar

Knowing myself to be ignorant, I remember you. O Hanuman, the son of Pavan.
O Lord! Bestow on me strength, wisdom and knowledge, and take away my miseries and vicious qualities.


Jay Hanuman gyan guna sagar
Jay kapis tihun lok ujagar

Victory to Hanuman who is the ocean of knowledge and virtues and victory to the lord of monkeys who is well known in all the three worlds.

Ramdoot atulit bal dhama
Anjani putra Pavansuta nama
You are the messenger of Shree Rama the abode of immeasurable strength. Anjani-putra and Pavan-patra are your different names.

Mahabir Bikram Bajrangi
Kumati nivar sumati ke sangi

O Mahaveer, you are mighty and terrible,and your body is strong as a thunderbolt. You eliminate the illusions of the mind and give a bright intellect.

Kanchan baran biraj subesa
Kanan kundal kunchit kesaa

Your form looks beautiful with golden hue, ear-rings and curly hair.

Hath Bajra aur dhvaja birajai
Kandhe moonj janeu sajai

You hold the mace of the thunderbolt and a flag in your hands. The sacred thread of Munja grass adorns your shoulders.

Shankar Suvan Kesarinandan
Tej pratap maha jaga bandan 

You are known as the son of Lord Shankara and also the son of Kesari. Your lustre and glory is praised by the whole world.

Vidyavan guni ati chatur
Ram kaj karibe ko atur

You are master of all the knowledge, full of virtue and wisdom. You are always prompt and eager to act in the service of Lord Rama.

Prabhu charittra sunibe ko rasia
Ram Lakhan Sita man basiya

You are always keenly interested in listening to the glourious story of Lord Rama. In your heart, Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are well-established.

Sukshma roop dhari Siyahin dikhava
Bikat roop dhari Lank jarava

You showered your small, slight form to mother Sita, assuming a terrible form you burnt the city of Lanka.

Bhim roop dhari asur sanhare
Ramchandra ke kaaj sanvare

You took a colossal form and killed the demons. Thus, you fulfilled the mission of Sri Rama Chandra.

Laye sanjivan Lakhan jiyaye
Shree Raghubir harashi ur laye

You brought the nectarine herb and revived the life of Laksmana. Sri Rama Chandra embraced with deep joy.

Raghupati kinhi bahut badaai
Tum mama priya Bharata sam bhai

Sri Rama Chandra praised you highly, he said “You are as dear to me as my brother Bharata.”

Sahastra badan tumharo jas gavain
Asa kahi shripathi kanth lagavain

Shesha-naga, the thousand hooded divine serpent sings your glory. Saying thus the Lord of Lakshmi embraces you.

Sankadik brahmadimunisa
Narad sarad sahita ahisa

Sanaka, Brahama and others, all the munis, Narad, Sharada, including the Lord of serpents Praise you all the time.

Jam kuber Digpal jahan te
Kabi kodida kahi sakai kahan te

The Lord of death, Kuber, Dikpala, and all the poets and seers Praise you again and again. Al of them cannot be enumerated.

Tum upkara Sugreevahin keenha
Ram milai raj pad deenha

You extended your value to help Sugriva, Brought about his meeting with Rama with whose help he was awarded the kingship.

Tumharo mantra Bibhishan mana
Lankeshwar bhaye sab jag jana

Vibhishan accepted your counciland became the king of Lanka. This is known throughout the world.

Jug sahastra jojan par Bhanu
Leelyo tahi madhur phal janu

You devoured the Sun, situated millions of miles away, thinking it to be a sweet fruit.

Prabhu mudrika meli mukha maaheen
Jaladhi langhi gaye acharaj naheen

You kept the Lord’s ring in your mouth and, no wonder, you jumped over the ocean.

Durgam kaaj jagat ke Jete
Sugam anugrah tumhare te te

Whatever difficult works there are in this world, they aa become easy by your grace.

Ram duware tum Rakhavare
Hot na aagya bin paisare

You are the (ever vigilant) Guard at the door of Sri Rama. No entrance is possible without your consent.

Sab such lahe tumhare saran
Tum rakshak kaahu ko darnaa

Taking all refuge with you one can enjoy all happiness. Anybody living under your protection need to have no fear.

Aapan tej samhaaro aapei
Tinau Lok Hank Te Kanpei

Your might canbe controlled by you alone, and when you roar the three worlds tremble.

Bhoot pisaach nikat aavei
Mahabir jab naam sunavei

Ghosts and monsters never come near him who utters your name, Lord Mahaveer.

Nasei rag hare sab peera
Japat nirantar Hanumant beera

If the name of the mighty Hunaman is repeated constantly, one is cured of all diseases and pains.

Sankat se hunaman chhudavei
Man kram bachan dhyan jo lavei

Hunaman keeps him free of all troubles who remembers him all his mind, action and speech.

Sub par Ram tapasvee raja
Tinke kaaj sakal tum saaja

The ascetic king is the ruler of all, and you accomplish even his missions.

Aur manorath jo koi lave
Soi amit jivan phal pavei

Whosoever comes to you with a desire in his heart, he is fulfilled greatly in life.

Charo juga pratap tumhara
Hai parsiddhi jagat ujiyara

Your glory is spread over four yugas and your effulgence is known throughout the world.

Sadhu sant ke tum rakhvare
Asur nikandan Ram dulare

You are the protector of the sages and the saints and the destroyer of demons. Sri Rama has great affection for you.

Ashtha sidhi nau nidhi ke data
Asa bar din Janaki Mata

You are the dispenser of the eight supernatural powers and the nine treasures of Kubera. Mother Janaki has bestowed this graceful blessing upon you.

Ram rasayan tumhare pasa
Sadaa raho raghupati ke dasa

You have the ambrosia of Sri Rama with you and you are always in the service of the Lord Raghupati.

Tumhare bhajan Ram ko pavei
Janam janam ke dukh bisravei

By repetition of your name one can reach Sri Rama and get freed from the sorrows of many lives.

Anta kaal raghubar pur jai
Jahan janam hari bhakta kahai

At last when he leaves his physical body he goes to the eternal abode of Sri Rama (Vaikunthsa) where he takes a new birth and is called a devotee of Sri Rama.

Aur devta chitt na dharai
Hanumant sai sarva such karai

Other Devas may not care to take heed, but on who serves you, O Hanuman, certainly enjoys all pleasures.

Sankat kate mitey sab peera
Jo sumirei Hanumant balbeera

Whoever invokes Sri Hanuman, the mighty Deva, his distress is removed and all pains vanish.

Jai jai jai Hanuman Gosai
Kripa karahu Gurudev ki naiee

O Lord Hanuman, I wish you victory over and over again. Be as compassionate to me as a beloved teacher.

Jo sat baar path kar koi
Chhatahi bandhi maha such hoi

He who recites this prayer with truth, becomes free from bondage and enjoys great happiness.

Jo yah padhr Hanuman Chalisa
Hoy siddhi sakhi Gaurisa

He who reads these forty verses dedicated to Sri Hanuman, is sure to reap benefits. Lord Shiva stands witness to this uttrtance.

Tulsidas sada hari chera
Keeje nath Hriday Maha dera

Tulsidas, the writer of these verses, is ever a devoted servant to Lord Hari. O Lord Hanuman, come and reside permanently in my heart.


Pavan tanay sankar haran, mangal murti roop
Ram Lakhan Sita sahit, hriday basuhu sur bhoop

May Hanuman, the son of Pavana, the protector from distress, the embodiment of auspiciousness and the king of gods, reside in my heart together with Sri Rama, Laksmana and Sita.

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