Commentary / explanation of Hanuman Chalisa verses 29 & 30

Visit Hindu Perspective’s HANUMAN SECTION (special feature) for explanations to the other verses of the Hanuman Chalisa Sub par Ram tapasvee raja Tinke kaaj sakal tum saaja The ascetic king Rama is the ruler of all, and you accomplish even his missions. Aur manorath jo koi lave Soi amit jivan phal pavei Whosoever comes to you with a […]

Hanuman Chalisa: Explanation of verses 11 & 12

Visit Hindu Perspective’s HANUMAN SECTION (special feature) Sukshma roop dhari Siyahin dikhava Bikat roop dhari Lank jarava You showed your small, slight form to mother Sita, assuming a terrible form you burnt the city of Lanka. Bhim roop dhari asur sanhare Ramchandra ke kaaj sanvare You took a colossal form and killed the demons. Thus, you fulfilled […]

Hanuman Chalisa: Explanation of verses 9 & 10

Visit Hindu Perspective’s HANUMAN SECTION (special feature) Insight into Verse 9 Vidyavan guni ati chatur Ram kaj karibe ko atur You are possessor of all knowledge, full of virtue and wisdom. You are always prompt and eager to act in the service of Lord Rama. One would initially think that this verse is simply repeating praises of […]

Lord Rama’s exact year & date of birth now known?!

A quite recent article in Zee News, claimed that researchers had found the exact date of birth of Lord Rama. The article can be faulted in many ways (it is a journalistic, n­­­ot a scientific article). However the actual date proposed and the method used to arrive at it are indeed worthy of examination. It […]

Hanuman Chalisa: Explanation of verses 3 & 4

Click here for explanations of verses 1 & 2 Insight into Verse 3 Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar  Victory to Thee, O Hanuman, Ocean of wisdom and virtue, victory to the Lord of monkeys who is well known in all the three worlds. This is a seemingly simple devotional verse […]

Lord Rama: history and legend

Rama Navami is the Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Rama. While not as exuberantly celebrated as Diwali (which is centered on the return of Rama to his kingdom of Ayodhya after a period of exile), it is still a major festival, celebrated with great devotion by millions. This year, Rama Navami falls on Saturday 20th […]

“Dharma” – a word often repeated but difficult to define

“To an individual, family, nation or even to plants and animals, dharma is ones true place in the cosmic process. The eternal principle of dharma determines the harmonious functions of the cosmic machine. In order that we fulfil our role in the divine play we must carry out our dharma. That is, we ought to do the right thing, at […]

Is Hanuman alive?

At one point in the Ramayana, Indrajit (Ravana’s eldest son) launched a massive attack against a section of Rama’s army, causing massive slaughter. When Jambhavan (the commander) arrived at the scene to survey the damage, the first thing he said was, “Is Hanuman alive?” Hanuman subsequently arrived at the scene and Jambhavan was glad to […]