Very simple Havan/Homam procedure for Purashcharan of Mantras of Shri Bagalamukhi

Acknowledgement:- This procedure is fully adapted from the Homam procedures that were written by P. V. R. Narsimha Rao that are available at his website: Together with his Guru, Dr Manish Pandit, they have been popularising simple Homa procedures.In particular I would recommend reading some of the longer homam procedures to get a better idea of set up.

I adapted & used this procedure for carrying our a simple fire ritual (Havan / homa / homam) for Sri Bagalamukhi. I reproduce it here in the hope that it will be of use to someone who needs a simple Homa procedure for Purascharan / Anushthan purposes. It is my strong view that the energetic power of the fire as an element and one’s own mental attitude and devotion are the most important factors in the power of the ritual to aid fructification (siddhi) of a given mantra rather than the precise steps followed. Many people are scared of doing the procedure wrong, but in fact if the aims which underly your spiritual practice are sattvic in nature, you have nothing to fear.

Preliminary Procedure

Set up the Havan Kunda with some bricks underneath. Face East. If you have a Yantra and Murthi of Sri Bagalamukhi place these in a way that you can face them, e.g. by placing them on a small table outiside of the Eastern side of the Havan Kunda.

Think in your mind of Mother Earth, Lord Ganesha, Sri Bagalamukhi, your parents, rishis of your lineage (if you know them), all rishis and all of the gods. You can use a language that you are comfortable with (e.g. English or Hindi or your mother tongue) and say something in an intuitive way to remember all of them.

Take a tumbler or glass of water. Take three spoonfuls of water from the tumbler and drink them while saying: “This is for Keshava”, “This is for Naaraayana” and “This is for Maadhava”.

With akshatas in hand, pray to Ganesha: “O Ganesha ! Please remove obstacles from my homam”.

Do praanaayaama in the form of alternate nostril breathing (Anuloma Viloma / Nadi Shodhana praanaayama) while mentally reciting Om. Do at least 5 rounds. This praanaayam is to help the mind concentrate during the ritual. It does this by balancing the Vata (air element) is the mind body complex.


Now take a vow: “I shall now perform a homam to the best of my ability, for the pleasure of Sri Bagalamukhi.”

Leave the akshatas in front of the idol or homa kundam.

Early Offerings

Light a lamp. Put some akshatas in the water tumbler and say “vam” 11 times.

Take the water with the spoon and sprinkle it on yourself, on the homa kundam, on the idol and on the food, fruits and flowers.

Homa kundam should be on your east and you should be facing east. Draw two red parallel eastwest lines with kumkum (vermilion) connecting the middle of the western edge of homa kundam with your seat and place the container with melted ghee on those lines. Take a small camphor piece, light it in the lamp and place the burning camphor piece in homa kundam while saying the following.

om bhürbhuvassuvarom|

O Fire god, please co-operate with me and make my offerings reach gods in a state of purity.

Place dry coconut pieces or wood above it and make sure that they catch fire. Now offer five drops of ghee while saying the following:

om prajäpataye svähä |

om indräya svähä|

om agnaye svähä|

om somäya svähä|

This is for forgiveness of my mistakes so far:

om bhürbhuvassuvah svähä|

Quick Worship of Ganesha in Fire

Say “O Ganesha, please come into this fire”. Say the following while showing the fire with folded palms (as though you are telling someone “come here”):

ävähito bhava| sthäpito bhava|

Put some akshatas in the fire and say “O Ganesha, please remove obstacles and grant your grace for the succesful completion of this Havan”. Now repeat the following mantra of Ganesha 4 times with an offering of ghee or something else.

om gam ganapataye namah| svähä|

Main Homam of Sri Bagalamukhi

Say “O Sri Bagalamukhi, please come into this fire”. Say the following while showing the fire with folded palms (as though you are telling someone “come here”):

ävähitä bhava| sthäpitä bhava|

Put some akshatas in the fire and say “O Mother Bagalamukhi, please be pleased with these services from me”.

Now repeat the mantra(s) of Sri Bagalamukhi that you wish to recite. The number of repetions of the mantra is up to you, but it is normal to make at least 108 repetitions.

Each time you say svaha, offer ghee or akshatas or sesame seeds or some other materials described earlier in this document in the fire.

At the end of the offerings, take some food you cooked (or fruit), show it to the fire and say “O Mother Bagalamukhi, please accept this” and throw a small bit into fire. Then stand up and go around the homa kundam once or 3 times. If someone looks at you from the roof or from the sky, it should look like you are going around the homa kundam in clockwise direction. At the end, you can bow in front of the fire. Finally sit down in front of the fire in your original place.

Final Offerings

Say the following lines and offer a drop of ghee in the fire after each line:

om bhüh svähä|

om bhuvah svähä|

om suvah svähä|

om bhürbhuvassuvah svähä|

om visnave svähä|

om rudräya svähä|

At the end, sprinkle a little water on your right hand. If it is possible, now offer six chunks of cooked white rice or fruit slices in small plates, for the “Anga Devatas” of Sri Bagalamukhi”.

Poornaahuti (complete offering of oneself)

While saying “Om”, pour a stream of ghee from the spoon into the fire. When the fire becomes big, you can offer poornaahuti:

[Main mantra relative to your Sadhana] pürnähutim samarpayämi|

Then drop the full coconut or half coconut or coconut piece in fire.

Offer one more drop of ghee while saying:

om agnaye saptavate svähä|

Now, meditate with any mantra you like for 5-10 minutes as the poornaahuti burns. “O Bagalamukhi, please come back into my heart”. Also, thank the fire god mentally for his co-operation in the ritual. Then say:

sarvam sri krsnapanamastu| om säntih säntih säntih| Sri

(this mantra is to surrender the doership of the ritual to Sri Krishna, who is the Highest Self).

Akshatas. Those can be made by mixing raw (uncooked) white (or brown) rice grains with a drop of sesame oil (or some other oil) and a pinch of turmeric powder. Instead of turmeric powder, one can also use vermilion (kumkum) powder used for the dot on the forehead.


  • Homa Kunda
  • Dry coconut halves
  • Ghee
  • Wooden spoon
  • Akshatas – raw rice grains mixed with tumeric powder
  • Ghee lamp
  • Matchbox
  • One tumbler or cup – preferably silver, or copper or clay


  • Small Murthi and or Yantra
  • Havan samagri
  • Turmeric powder
  • Flowers/ flower petals
  • Sesame seeds
  • Mamra
  • Nuts
  • Small fruits
  • Honey
  • Darbhas
  • Incense stick
  • Camphor + container or platefor lighting it & offering oblations
  • Some food to offer to Gods
  • Milk


  1. Byron Uke says:

    Greetings Prabhu! The procedure is easy to apply.But pls specify clearly the mantras for offering to anga devatas.Thank you!

    • It is not necessary as per the procedure which is given to have mantras for the Anga Devatas, just an offering left for them. As part of a Purascharan (but not part of the Homam) to honour the Anga Devatas I did a simple shloka or the Gayatri for each of the following Anga Devatas of Ma Bagalamukhi: Mahamrityunjaya, Batuk Bhairav, Mahakal Bhairav, Haridra Ganapati, Rishi Brahma Deva, the Navagraha along with Shani Dev, Hanuman ji, Devraj Indra, Vishnu Bhagwan, Shri Raj Rajeshwar Mahadev with full family, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Goddess Gayatri, Maa Pratyangira Devi, Goddess Durga, Sheshnag, Shri Bala Tripura, Sri Sri Lalita Maha Tripurasundari (Sri Vidya) and Jagatguru Dakshinamurthy

  2. Hi,

    While doing Purascharana japa can we keep our eyes open and look into the diety’s eye?


    • Namaste,

      Most mantra japa is better done with closed eyes or a semi closed eyes with a soft blurry gaze. But the aim is to maintain concentration and stop the mind for wavering, so for periods of time you can certainly keep the eyes open and look at the Deity or the Yantra – as it is easier to re-centre the wavering mind with a focal point.

  3. Hello Sir,
    Generally for purascharana we have to do 10K offerings chanting mantra, can this be split in smaller numbers say 1k ahutis each and do it for 10 days continuously. Please let me know your take on the same.

    • Yes what you suggest can definitely be done. Otherwise for some longer mantras it could be virtually impossible to complete in one day. Decide beforehand how many days you are going to take to complete the 10,000 repetitions over the fire, and stick to it.

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