Rajiv Malhotra on Sita Ram Goel & Ram Swarup

Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra


Sita Ram Goel (right) with Ram Swarup (right)

If anybody had wondered, like I have done, about whether the works of Rajiv Malhotra (a highly influential Hindu thinker and writer of today) took inspiration or influence from the illustrious Sita Ram Goel (1921 – 2003) and Ram Swarup (1920 – 1998), I recently mailed him this question and the following was the response (which is quoted with permission):

I did not know either of them, but today in hindsight I hold them in high regard. Had I known them I would have liked to collaborate.

But my journey through westernization in outer lifestyle alongside my Hindu interior was very different than most Hindu thinkers. This is both a handicap as well as asset – I know the west far deeper and better than most Hindus do.


External links:

1 – Rajiv Malhotra’s website

2 – Wiki bio of Sita Ram Goel – I don’t generally recommend Wiki bios, but I feel this particular one is of good quality.

3 – Ram Swarup (1920-98): outline of a biography by Koenraad Elst


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