Assam government mulls giving arms to Bengali-Muslims

Very few things surprise me in terms of ridiculous policies made by the Congress Party, but I was genuinely surprised to learn that Tarun Gogoi, the Congress Chief Minister of Assam is mulling providing guns to Bengali Muslims in certain parts of Assam. Isn’t this highly communal and just going to add to the circle of violence and create more problems further down? This beggars the question; has the Congress Party not gone totally and utterly insane?

Arming a particular religious and ethnic group, in particular one which is there in part illegally undermines national interest and maybe even territorial integrity.

Rather than arming Muslims from Bangladesh the Indian government should deploy security forces, i.e. ensuring guns stay in the hands of the country’s security forces rather than increase the number of guns in the population. Needless to say, strengthening border security and taking reasonable steps to identify and deport people staying in India illegally is also an urgent national issue, one that we hope that Narendra Modi will take seriously if he becomes the Prime Minister.



  1. A patriot says:

    It would be a foolish idea and lead to internecine conflicts . It may not stop or end as a law and order problem.. It would disrupt internal peace and threaten even security of the State and could spread to the whole of India.

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