Dalits raising Hindu priests from within their own

RitualIt is very heartening to find Dalits becoming religiously self-sufficient within the Hindu fold, and developing learned priests within their own community..

But let us not be complacent. Let us destroy any vestige of birth based Varna, so that it is nothing more than a bad memory within 20 years.

There is nowhere in the Vedas which designates ones “varna” as being determined by birth, in fact, “varna” itself is a relatively limited concept in the Vedas.

Further reading:-

Sri Aurobindo on the UnHindu spirit of caste rigidity

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  1. Govindan, K.P. says:

    Heartening . I would appreciate if they learn Sanskrit along with intonation of the hymns, which create a vibration in the ether and affect planet and the universe in general. Intonation is important; reason why ancestors learnt Veda by recitation in a pool of priests and repeated whenever they commit mistakes. Anyway a first step has been put; hope for progress!!


  1. […] the welcome news of the emergence of dalit Hindu priesthood has a more sinister side – it was caused by being shunned by traditional priests in that […]

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